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Tech Task 8 update

So I remembered that a certain game was brought up in class and I wondered how it could be used in the classroom. This game was Minecraft. I have heard about it before seeing how I normally try to Mod (make changes in the programing/picture/game play/ect) and I have never full played it before. I got into modding Minecraft because my brother always played it and I tried to make weird things for him to try out. After doing some research I found something by Andrew Webster about a teacher, Joel Levin, who decided to integrate Minecraft into the classroom. I wonder if I should make this a new learning project. I think I am going to learn how to play and see just how much fun it is and do more research in how to use it in the class room.


This week my task is to try out an educational game. I am going to try out Math Blaster. The reason I choose this site was because it looked the least boring:p First i was asked to make an account with my parents name and email so they can monitor my email. Then it asked for a nickname for myself. Next I was asked to download it. I guess this is a online multiplayer game. This game (bottom) you ride a bike and then run into “bosses” that you need to defeat by answering math questions.
So far i don’t overly like this game because there is too much trying to figure it out. I think this game is one that might help a student to figure things out on their own and think about things more. It wasted a lot of time to register, to get use to it, and patience. This other game (left) you need to shoot the asteroids that have the correct answer on them.  The game seems like a waste to me. I think that this game teaches kids to think quickly to answer questions when things are flashing at them. Will this help someone when they sit in the classroom during a test when everything is quiet? Probably not. What are your thoughts? I think the good old classic memory game or simple flash cards work better.

Movie Time

So we needed to make a movie on the life of a university student. This was actually very difficult. My partner Danielle Beuker and I had fun filming and such but had a hard time editing it. We never had the greatest communication but we got it done after some technical problems and school problems. So where should I begin? Well during our ecmp355 class on Wednesday we started filming with a limited time frame. after 30 seconds or so my camera said it was full. I thought all the pictures were off and it was good to use, nope! There was over 600 pictures on the camera. So now after we walked so far away from the class room, we needed to go back to the computers to take the pictures off and then try to film the rest of the video. Next after we started to edit we realized that there was no sound for some of the shots and we could not figure it out. So, we now had to do voice overs when we got home. Unfortunately our schedules were so bad that we just could not meet and get things done. A couple days ago I get an email from Danielle with what she had for the video, well sure enough I couldn’t view the video. After about a week of asking around no one knows what we could do so I can view the project on my computer. Hopefully Danielle Just posts it and we will be okay 🙂

Tech Task 6

Due to some technical difficulties we do not have our movie up yet. Please be patient with us.


Tech Task #3

This weeks tech task is to find 5 blogs you want to follow and 10 people to follow on twitter. These can be educators or anyone else you want pay attention to. Write a blog post about your choices linking to each source.


  1. I am not sure if this counts as a blog but I like it anyways… EdChat —> just a great place to enjoy the teaching community.
  2. I found this great you tube site for my programming and I want to follow this really close so I can understand what it is that I am doing.
  3. Another great blog is one that will help you with virtually ANYTHING! 🙂 Khanacademy is the best (besides my old high school tecaher) helper I could find. I go to this site when I need some help in math or science because he explains really well.
  4. I love blogs because most of them are funny or helpful. If you need another good laugh or want to kill some time go to failblog. If you think that you did something stupid then look at these things.
  5. I like to stay updated on some random topics around the city. What is the point of knowing everything but not knowing what is happening in you own backyard? Well Z99 likes to post everyday questions and keeps a good convo happening all the time.


  1. Teachers.Net —> I wanted to follow this twitter because it is a teacher page, but it also has so very helpful points like “5 ways to bounce back after a bad day”.  I suggest you check this tweet because it is worth it.!/TeachersNet
  2. The Dark Lord —> This Twitter account is just some random account that can be funny and it can put a smile on your face… come on it’s the dark side, what’s not to like :p.!/Lord_Voldemort7
  3. Amanda Keopanya —> This is just one of my friends that I like to follow just because she is always on twitter and constantly re posts tweets.!/amandakeo
  4. My brother loves to follow NASA and I am going to as well because they have cool pictures and fun updates about their news.!/NASA
  5. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGH RIDERS. enough said.!/sskroughriders
  6. I don’t know:p this is just a random one that I just started to follow. I think this will help me stay updated in some news. CNN.!/cnnbrk
  7. This is another one that can help with educational things, like ideas and news:p just like the title. This is not the best of one but good either way.!/TeachingIdeas
  8. Why I have not subscribed to this one is beyond me. Pauley Perrette. This is one of my favorite actors on NCIS. She is really fascinating and keeping up with her tweets is going to be fun.!/PauleyP
  9. This is the actual show that I follow very well. I have watched every episode from 9 seasons. Great show and very interesting. NCIS.!/NCIS_CBS
  10. Weston Dressler from the CFL Rough Riders! Great guy:) Even better football player. He’ll give veteran players a run for there money.!/WestonDressler7

Tech Task #2

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