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Tech Task 8 update

So I remembered that a certain game was brought up in class and I wondered how it could be used in the classroom. This game was Minecraft. I have heard about it before seeing how I normally try to Mod (make changes in the programing/picture/game play/ect) and I have never full played it before. I got into modding Minecraft because my brother always played it and I tried to make weird things for him to try out. After doing some research I found something by Andrew Webster about a teacher, Joel Levin, who decided to integrate Minecraft into the classroom. I wonder if I should make this a new learning project. I think I am going to learn how to play and see just how much fun it is and do more research in how to use it in the class room.


This week my task is to try out an educational game. I am going to try out Math Blaster. The reason I choose this site was because it looked the least boring:p First i was asked to make an account with my parents name and email so they can monitor my email. Then it asked for a nickname for myself. Next I was asked to download it. I guess this is a online multiplayer game. This game (bottom) you ride a bike and then run into “bosses” that you need to defeat by answering math questions.
So far i don’t overly like this game because there is too much trying to figure it out. I think this game is one that might help a student to figure things out on their own and think about things more. It wasted a lot of time to register, to get use to it, and patience. This other game (left) you need to shoot the asteroids that have the correct answer on them.  The game seems like a waste to me. I think that this game teaches kids to think quickly to answer questions when things are flashing at them. Will this help someone when they sit in the classroom during a test when everything is quiet? Probably not. What are your thoughts? I think the good old classic memory game or simple flash cards work better.