So we needed to make a movie on the life of a university student. This was actually very difficult. My partner Danielle Beuker and I had fun filming and such but had a hard time editing it. We never had the greatest communication but we got it done after some technical problems and school problems. So where should I begin? Well during our ecmp355 class on Wednesday we started filming with a limited time frame. after 30 seconds or so my camera said it was full. I thought all the pictures were off and it was good to use, nope! There was over 600 pictures on the camera. So now after we walked so far away from the class room, we needed to go back to the computers to take the pictures off and then try to film the rest of the video. Next after we started to edit we realized that there was no sound for some of the shots and we could not figure it out. So, we now had to do voice overs when we got home. Unfortunately our schedules were so bad that we just could not meet and get things done. A couple days ago I get an email from Danielle with what she had for the video, well sure enough I couldn’t view the video. After about a week of asking around no one knows what we could do so I can view the project on my computer. Hopefully Danielle Just posts it and we will be okay 🙂