So I know it has been a while from when I last posted about my learning project so here is an update. After doing some more work in programing I realized that there wasn’t many more you tube clips from the guy I was learning from. So now this week I need to try and find some more books or I just need to randomly type and see what happens. I was told that just thinking of things on my own was one of the best or “true” ways of learning. The big differences in what I know and what I am learning is that this program is very specific when it comes to where spaces, tabs, and extra lines go (why that is I don’t know). I am finding it fun, but sometimes I get mad at my work because I simply just don’t know what to type next. It’s kinda frustrating. Hope fully I kind find something that will show you what the program looks like when it is being used but I can’t find anything (sorry). Hopefully I’ll remember/have more to write on the blog more often. Thanks for reading 🙂